The Appropriate Dogs Chews

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All dogs chews. Chewing is a usual behavior for puppies or dogs, as they would usually chew while teething or when they are exploring their surroundings. Some may also chew to attract attention or when bored. I have seen or heard before of dogs that chew everything. In order to prevent any damage that our dogs might give us, I suggest providing them with the appropriate and suitable chew toys for them to chew. We should always consider picking the correct and safe chewing toys, ensuring the size will be suitable and appropriate for our dogs.


Chew product like balls is kind of unsafe if your dog chew up the ball fast, as they are one of the most common dogs chews that needed to be surgically removed from a dogs’ stomach. Thus there is a need for appropriate yet durable dogs’ chews products. Long-lasting dogs’ chews products have increase in popularity which is normally made of plastics soak with much different flavoring to attract consumers in terms of the overwhelming taste, and they are suitable for forceful chewers as well.


We have to be aware of the chewing behavior and preference of our dogs, so we will be able to choose the suitable dogs chews. When choosing an appropriate chew, we ought to avoid products which our pet dogs know how to eat in significant portions. We need to observe the chewing processes of compressed dental or durable chews of our dogs, and it should be unhurried and conscious. We must not let fast eating of whichever such product, to prevent our dogs from choking.


The following are some of the safer types of dogs chews:

Rawhide chews; it is available in different sizes

Nylabone; it is edible and comes in a variety of flavors

Pig ears; they tends to cause intestinal problems

Cow hooves; with supervision as they are very hard and is dangerous than rawhide

Kong; it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be loaded with peanut butter for additional entertainment

Sterilized natural bones


Hence it is really important for us to know how to choose the correct and appropriate dogs chews, and have the knowledge of choosing the appropriate one out of so many different types, so as to ensure the safety of our dogs. We also have to choose the suitable type of dogs chews based on our dogs’ behaviors.


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