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It is good to have a pet and I guess the most preferred pet is dogs, as dogs are man’s best friend. The lifespan of dogs vary widely from different type of breeds ranging from breeds that can live 6 to 8 years, 16 to 20 years and more. I believe most of us would cherish the period of time that you and your pet spent together with, and would like to keep all these memory in your heart when your pet is gone and has left you.

What you can do is to preserve all the memory you and your pet had through taking pictures of pet dogs or you can also recall back the times when playing pet dogs games, the joy and laughter the both of you had together within these period of time.

You can start taking your pet dog out for a walk whenever you are free now so as to build strong bond between the two of you and this builds up memory shared between the two.

Some of the pet dogs games that you can play with your pet doggies

  • Follow the Leader- setting up puppy obstacles and cones, let the dog follow you through the obstacles.
  • Find the Treat- hide many different treats and let your dog go look for it.
  • Hide and Seek- both of you will take turn to hide and the other one will seek for the one that is hiding.
  • Fun with Toys- toys will help to control your dog’s behavior and reduce boredom.

Another way which you can preserve the shared memory between you and your dog is to snap a lot of pictures of pet dogs, and put all the photos inside an album. When you feel like seeing or when you miss your dog, you can always take out the photo album and look through it, recall back all those wonderful moments both of you once had.

We hope that you can share your love with your pet doggies the most using Pet Doggies ‘ information!

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