Dog Behavioural Problems & Dog Behaviour Courses Online

There are many dog behavioural problems that can happen to a dog. Sometimes it is a small problem that can be solved by a trip to a vet. Others require hours of training by the owners to enable the dog to change its behaviour. Identifying exactly what is the cause of the problem is sometimes half the battle.  For instance, destructiveness is usually caused by boredom.

Below are 3 of the most common behaviour problems and some dog behaviour courses online suggested that may help.

Dog aggression – Dog Behavioural Problems #1

All dog biting springs from the same source rooted deep in canine behavior. Methods to correct  this problem is different depending whether  if the dog is still a young puppy, 1 year old dog or a 2-to-4 year old dog. Beyond the age of 4 years old, most dogs who have viciously bitten someone have been euthanized. Check out this article for a more detailed explaining.


Destructive Behavior – Dog Behavioural Problems #2

Puppies chew on whatever they can get their mouths on for any number of reasons: they are bored, they have a lot of energy, they are teething, or they are just curious. Dogs learn through their mouths. It is their tool; it is how they receive a great deal of information. They are naturally inclined to use their mouths whenever they can. Check out this article for some solutions.


Housetraining – Dog Behavioural Problems #3

Housetraining is one of the bahaviour that should be taught earlier to your dog. It will be easier on your home maintainance. If a dog backslides, or doesn't seem to be learning when you have been consistent, a physical cause must be considered. A dog might not be housebroken as he may has a urinary infection, so you need to  get your pet checked thoroughly at the vet's. Check out this article for some solutions.

Above are some common behaviour problem that can happen to dogs. Owners should look out for these sort of problem and solve the problem by training with help of the specialist. That way, owners can enjoy the companionship that dogs can provide.


Suggested Dog Behaviour Courses Online

Dog training online by Dove Cresswell – Professional Hollywood North Dog Trainer

Secrets to Dog training by Daniel Stevens


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