No matter how careful or awake you are, accidents are bound to happen. Do not punish your pet doggies unless you catch her in the act. 

Your dog or puppy might not remember the accident and may only get confused. Consider it as an unfortunate accident. 

Just put your dog in the crate and clean up the mess with a deodorizing cleanser or vinegar. Avoid using detergent or ammonia because the smell of ammonia may encourage the dog to soil in the same place again.

Note: Don’t let your dog see you cleaning up the mess. If he/she does happen to remember doing it, you do not want her to see you as her maid.

What To Do If Your Pet Doggies Are Excreting In The Wrong Places?

If you do catch your dog in the act, shout “No”, clap your hands, or distract him from the act of excreting in other ways. 

Take your dog outside and wait until he excrets while repeating your chosen word or phrase. 

Once your dog has excrete, praise your dog because he has now excreted in the correct place.

How to Train Your Pet Doggies?

In the city, it is not always practical to housetrain a young puppy as described above. 

Eventually you will want your pup to excrete outside, but if you live at the top of an apartment building or HDB block, you probably do not want to be taking your puppy outside every hour. 

Not until your puppy is fully vaccinated as it is dangerous to let your dog walk where other dogs have been.

In this case you will have to paper-train your puppy: 

  1. Cover the entire floor of your pup’s confined area (eg. the kitchen) with newspaper. 
  2. Praise your pup for excreting the newspaper and using the key word or phrase.
  3.  Change the paper and remove some of the paper from the other side of the room. 
  4. Continue this until there is only a small area of paper left. 
  5. After the pup is immunized at 16 weeks, take the paper away and use the crate to train your pup to go outside as described above.

Note: It may be necessary to take a sheet of newspaper outside so that your pup gets the idea.

If you want your pet doggies to scratch or whine at the door, you may want to try the following procedure: 

  1. Once you are down to one sheet of newspaper, move the newspaper progressively towards the door. 
  2. Finally, slide the paper under the door so that only a small corner is visible. 
  3. Watch your dog carefully to see if he whines or scratches at the door to try to get to the paper and take him outside immediately. 
  4. Praise him once he has excreted outside.

If you are house training an older dog in the city, Paper-training is unnecessary because older dogs are usually vaccinated and do not have to go out as frequently.

You may want to start doing this as early as possible so that it will save a lot of hassle for you later.


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