One of the common behaviors that occur in dogs is having that sudden uncontrollable urge to chew, and this normally happens in dogs between 7 to 12 months of age. 

This type of out of control dog chews happen due to some of the following reasons like having an unbalanced diet, trying to attract attention, trying to distress when being left alone, puppy teething, exploring the surroundings, boredom, etc.

Stop Your Dog From Chewing Everything

Dogs love to chew and in fact most of the dogs chew on everything. So how do you actually keep your dog from chewing everything?

Stopping or preventing dog chews involve great endurance, care and attention. 

You got to know the reason behind it, the reason for the dog’s chewing. 

You need to spend sufficient time training and playing with your dog so as to avoid her from getting bored and go into chewing things. 

These are some of the ways that prevent your dog from chewing everything.

You can get your dog some toys to chew on. However, you have to take note of the size of the dog’s toys and they have to be big enough to prevent your dog from choking. 

What Sizes Or Shapes For The Dog Chews?

If you are getting your dog some dog’s balls, buy those that are bigger than a tennis ball, as it is safer and must be aware of their material as well. Moreover, you need to train your dog to stop chewing on the wrong things.

First of all, keep all the items that your dog likes to chew out of reach and provide her with some chewing toy which you don’t mind letting her chew on. 

It may take quite some time and even months for your dog to start chewing on other things, but you must be persistent and have patience in these dog chews

Persevere and do not give up!


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