You have made the decision to adopt a dog from one of the pet shelters (if you have not, you can go to another of our articles to find out more). 

Adoption for dogs is a quite detailed process at most shelters. 

The staff at the shelter wants to make sure the owners are really sincere about owning a dog.

Personal Information

Most shelters require that adopters be at least 18 years of age but some may be higher depending on the type of adoption agency. 

They will require some form of identification. 

Shelters also require proof of address to understanding the living condition for the dog. 

If you rent, bring a letter from your landlord stating approval of pet ownership. 

If you own your home, bring proof of ownership.

Questionnaire & Survey

You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire or survey from the staff of the shelter. 

This helps them to get a sense of the breed of dog that will suit your lifestyle. 

Questions like experience with animals, your lifestyle, work schedule and your expectations of your pet help the staff to match you with a dog that will fit into your home with minimal stress to you or the dog.


Some private shelters require that you sign a contract. 

Read the conditions set out in the contract before signing. 

Contracts are agreements that may include statements such as: the animal will be a family pet only, and will be properly contained in your residence.

You will ensure proper veterinary care, whether the animal will be spayed or neutered, whether the animal will wear identification tags and in the event if you cannot keep the animal, it will be returned to the agency.

Additional Requirements

Most shelters rarely accept applications on the same day. 

They prefer that you and your family meet with the desired dog first.

This helps prevent an impulse adoption and allows you to evaluate how you and your potential dog can get along. 

Although adoption is free mostly, there is a small fee for adoption related costs. 

The fee usually includes a guarantee that the animal has been examined by a veterinarian and is healthy and free of disease.

It may include spay or neuter before or after adoption. Fees can range from under $100 to more than $300 depending on the breed of the dog.

Many dogs that end up in a shelter are not there because they are in poor health condition. 

Most dogs are being abandoned by irresponsible owners. 

When you decide to adopt, consider your lifestyle and research suitable breeds.

There are many private shelters that are dedicated to a specific breed of dog, and local shelters often have purebred dogs.

Adopting a dog requires a lifetime commitment. 

Avoid the impulse to take that cute puppy home, and consider if you are ready to make a commitment to this dog. 

The initial cost of adoption may be small, but food, vet care and pet supplies can add up to a big amount over a period of time.


We hope that you can share your love with your pet doggies the most using Pet Doggies ‘ information!


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